Marcus HendersonAbout Us

Marcus Henderson started painting as his father’s assistant in 1985. After years of working for his dad, Marcus wanted to branch out. He began working for several other contractors. With his incredible work ethic and vibrant sense of humor, Marcus quickly moved up the ladder to a foreman position. As foreman, he honed his scheduling and management skills, overseeing all of the company’s jobs. Before long he was looking to go out on his own.

In 1996, Marcus launched Marcus Henderson Painting with a small team. Over the years, the business has grown to a top-notch crew of professional foremen and journeyman painters. His team is hard working, courteous, and tidy. As Marcus likes to say, “These guys rock!”

“We Paint with Pride”

Marcus Henderson PaintingMarcus Henderson Painting’s tagline says it all. The entire team, and Marcus in particular, take great pride in their painting skills.

The secret is in the prep
Marcus and his team patch plaster and drywall, fill cracks, as well as root out and repair small issues before they become big problems. Marcus understands and advocates good prep because he knows that if you want a superb painting job, you need to take care to prepare surfaces properly.

Quality Paints
After prepping, a quality paint is key to a quality paint job. Marcus can help you select the best paint for your home or office.

Clean Up Crew
Clients rave about how neat and clean the Marcus Henderson Painting crew are and that’s the way Marcus likes it. They always take great care to protect surfaces that won’t be painted as well as furniture and appliances on the premises. And they tidy up the work area every day, a boon for homeowners who are unable to vacate the premises while the work is being done.

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